Hello world!

Here I sit, starting yet another project and yet another blog…. won’t I ever learn that I am a terrible blogger and I don’t stick with it?

Heh, nope! ;)

This time around I’m going into my shiny new project full well knowing it’s just a sort of diary for my stories. I’m not going to try to peg this blog for anything specific, though it was originally going to be the documentation of our adventures as we try to purchase Jason’s grandmother’s 1890 brick cottage in downtown Loveland, Colorado (and then fix it up from grandma-chic to modern-artistic). The documentation of our home will be a portion of the content, but not the entirety of it. …that is… if we even are able to purchase the house at all. ::fingers crossed::

I just feel there’s so much good and happiness in my lucky little life right now that I have to document it somehow. If not just for me, maybe for someone needing a chuckle at my naiveté, or someone looking for a little hope and unabashed optimism.

For whomever you are, I hope this blog makes you smile and sparks something new in your soul.



The first signs of autumn.

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