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Silica Crysta-What Now??

*Huchhh Kshh*Luuuke... I am your contractor.
*Huchhh Kshh*
Luuuke… I am your contractor.

Ever heard of Asbestos? Who hasn’t! We all know it’s super dangerous and shouldn’t be disturbed since the airborne particles cause lung cancer.

Ever heard of Silica Crystalline? No? Neither had I until I was two days into tearing up our tile floors -donning nothing more than a ghetto dust mask- and received a what-the-holy-crap-are-you-doing?! tip from my concerned father. Apparently, airborne Silica Crystalline is in all things cement and ceramic and is just as dangerous as our old friend Asbestos. It just hasn’t gotten the same press. Silica really needs to fire her PR manager and hook up with Asbestos’ agency because they’re really doing a fab job about getting the word out.

If you are planning to do any work with ceramic tiles or concrete grinding check out these informative links before you get started:

Concrete Polishing Magazine (Weird, right? But seriously, it’s a real magazine)


These are the masks we picked up at Home Depot for under $40 each. We decided they would be useful on all future projects  so we sprang for the heavy duty ones. And believe it or not, these beastly masks are way more comfortable (and easier to breathe in) than those flimsy paper dust masks.

Safe renovating, my friends!