There’s a Toilet in Mah’ Kitchen

Second only to the kitchen, the downstairs bathroom is another of our main targets for pre-move-in renovations.

We’ve removed the three layers of floral wallpaper, the floor tile, the wood paneling, the sink and vanity, the toilet and everything else in the room except for the lights and the bathtub (curses! We haven’t found an affordable clawfoot tub yet so that’ll have to wait).

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 10.22.00 PM
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As soon as the walls are textured we can install the floor tile and move the toilet from the kitchen back into the bathroom where it belongs. We’ll have to put a hold on the wall tile in the bathroom for now but it’ll be worth the wait in order to afford the texturing. I’ve always wanted white subway wall tiles with the little white hexagon floor tiles. It’s just a classic look that can be dressed up any-which-way you please.  I’m thinking white subway tiles with charcoal grout and a finishing ledge 4′ up the wall and then a warm green earthy paint up to the ceiling. I also found an industrial shelf/towel rack that I can make for under $90 at my home box store:

Add some wood planks on a few of the horizontals and it makes a mean shelf unit.
Add some wood planks on a few of the horizontals and it makes one mean shelf unit.

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