NoCo Urban Homestead Tour 2017: #13 Perennial Fruit


It’s nothing to look at yet, but this South Eastern area was part of this year’s expansion and will be a sweet-food forest in the years to come. Here, and some in the chicken run, I have planted red raspberries, golden raspberries, regular blueberries and a pink lemonade blueberry, goji berries, hardy kiwis, and soon I will add more Chicago Hardy figs.

As you can see, the trees in this corner of the lot aren’t doing particularly well. I have trouble keeping such crowded trees and bushes supplied with enough water and nutrients. A more seasoned gardener could probably get a better handle on it, but I’m struggling. The plan, if I lose any or all of these trees, is to replace them with apple and plum trees for even more food supply. I prefer to not have messy, and raccoon attracting, trees close to the house and so this will be the perfect location – and once I build the permanent chicken run the flooffy-butts can then help me clean up any fallen fruit mess and keep my trees well fertilized.


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