Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.23.50 AMHello! My name is Alanna, and my fantastic husband is Jason. We play very disparate, but equally important, roles in our homestead. Jason is the nine-to-five engineer who brings home most of the bacon and despises doing yard work, and I am the ex-techie and chief “bacon-stretcher” who doesn’t thrive on a 9-5 schedule. While Jason brings home the bacon, I am the Mrs. Fixit, groundskeeper, planner, builder and critter wrangler for our homestead. To bring in additional bacon, I also manage and maintain rental properties and work for a handful of clients doing commercial architectural photography.

Our homestead is on it’s 4th summer in the making, and while I’m extremely proud of the progress, there is a very long way to go. I was a complete novice and didn’t know how to even grow a tomato in 2014. When we moved in, our existing half-acre landscape consisted of mostly spotty grass and ornamental flowers, and a large portion of bare, powdery dirt. My obsession with permaculture began by trying to find an alternative solution to having to spend my life mowing and watering and weeding the bare dirt when all I wanted was to just keep the trees alive. This was when I discovered the benefits of mulch and the ecology of living, happy soil. Each year, as I exponentially learn more, I have been making small improvements that I believe will improve our quality of life, lower our consumption and maintenance efforts, supply us with food, support our beneficial insect population, decrease our overall expenses, and contribute in small ways to our incredible neighborhood community.

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So welcome! and let us start our tour of this fantastic mess that we call home! Beginning from the Roosevelt Avenue entrance look for the sign that reads #1

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Alanna is a free spirited, techie-turned-entrepreneur starting a new adventure in a vintage cottage with her awesomesauce hubby, sassy cat and a little green flying monster

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